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Shanghai Zealchem Co., Ltd., devoted in the research, production and sale of the crosslinkers that are used in the waterborn acrylic resin and waterborn polyurethane emulsion system. These crosslinker are widely applied in domains on leather, printing, dye printing, printing ink, waterborn coating, pressure sensitive rubber. The product series is the XC series: XC-1 series is the polyfunctional aziridine crosslinker series product; The XC-2 series is the aziridine modified isocyante crosslinker series product; The XC-3 series is the blocked isocyanate crosslinker series product.

  1. XC-113 Crosslinker: 2K room crosslinker, moderate crosslinking rate, 18 months shelf life;
  2. XC-103 Crosslinker: 2K room crosslinker, quick crosslinking rate, 12 months shelf life;
  3. XC-105 Crosslinker: 2K room crosslinker, extremely quick crosslinking rate, 12 months shelf life;
  4. XC-203 Crosslinker: 2K crosslinker, non-yellowing, good flexibility, 12 months shelf life;
  5. XC-205 Crosslinker: 2K crosslinker, reactive temeperature 130 degree, 12 months shelf life;
  6. XC-208 Crosslinker: White powder,12 months shelf life;
  7. XC-327 Crosslinker: 1K water and oil crosslinker, deblocking Tem. 100-120 Deg. , 12 months shelf life;